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Spam & Virus Protection

Spam Furnace FAQ's:

Q: How does this system know which email is spam and which is not?

A. Some spammers are very well known and their IP addresses have been mapped as they have spammed millions of times with billions of messages. These people are blocked outright.  We simply do not accept mail from them as they send nothing but spam. This stops a huge amount of spam. Besides this there are several databases that all messages are passed through. Each examines the messages in different ways to further stop spam.  

Q: What happens if the well known spammers move or new ones come online?  

A:The databases are updated each day with new code to keep up with any changes.

Q: Does this system catch emails that have virus code in them?  

A: Yes it does. You will be sent an email by the system when it finds a virus stating that the email message was blocked and who the sender was.

Q: Does this mean that I don't need the anti-virus software on my computer?

A: No, you will still need anti-virus software.  There are many ways to get a virus other than through email.

Q: What is the Quarantine Inbox?

A: The Quarantine Inbox is where the suspect email is held for your review.

Q: How often will I be notified that the Barracuda Spam Firewall has caught mail?

A: It's configurable by you: once a day, once a week, or never.

Q: How much spam does it really stop?

A: In our tests with several accounts over a one month period it stopped over 99% of all spam. The more you use it the smarter the system gets.

Q: Some parts of the world have no rules or laws regarding spam. As a result tons of spam come out of those areas. Are those areas blocked?

A: By default, yes they are.

Q: But what if I have a person I need to get mail from that lives in one of those areas?

A: You can enter addresses of Senders that you always want to receive email from in the Preferences section of your account. If a message shows up in your Quarantine Inbox from a Sender who is new to you, you simply add the Sender to your Whitelist by clicking on the link next to the message. The system will then allow this and all other emails from this Sender to pass through to your Inbox.

Q: Is the Spam Furnace service hard to use?

A: Not at all. Good mail is passed to you. Suspect mail goes into your Quarantine Inbox on the Barracuda Spam Firewall server. You can view mail in the Quarantine Inbox, then forward it to your Inbox or forward it and add the Sender to your whitelist with a click of the mouse.

Q: My email is handled by our in-house server. Can I still use Spam Furnace?

A: Yes, providing we handle the DNS for your domain name or you have access to make DNS modifications to the email portion of your domain name.

Q: How would I access my account on the Barracuda Spam Firewall server with a browser?

A: The web address or URL is http://mailgate.spamfurnace.com:8000/cgi-bin/index.cgi or click on the link "Login Here" at the top left side of this page. Enter your email address in the box provided then enter the password that Barracuda assigned to you or the password that you set under Preferences.

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